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Johnson’s CottonTouch Swaddle

We know that settling a newborn can be a challenge for new parents. You may have heard that wrapping your little one can help reduce awakening and send them off to sleepy town, but for many swaddling can be a tricky task. So to celebrate the launch of the CottonTouch Newborn Wash & Shampoo and the CottonTouch Newborn Face & Body Lotion, we partnered with our friends at Tresillian to design and create a beautiful limited edition muslin wrap. Made of 100% cotton, the wrap is cool and breathable for your baby’s delicate skin.


The limited edition CottonTouch™ wrap

  • Made of 100% Cotton
  • Size: 120 x 120cm
  • Designed with Tresillian nurses to provide guidance on how you can position and swaddle your newborn
  • Swaddling is not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of job - as the weather changes or as your baby gets older, you may need to change up the way you wrap.

Every baby is different and you know your little one better than anyone, so we encourage you to do whatever feels most comfortable for you and your baby

Unfortunately, the "Register to receive 1 of 1,000 limited edition CottonTouch Swaddles” offer has now ended as all Swaddles have been redeemed by excited families. We apologize for any inconvenience


Please consult a professional nurse or reach out to one of the Tresillian nurses via our live chat if you have any questions

The gentle solution for settling your newborn

Learn more about the limited edition CottonTouch™ wrap from Johnson’s Ambassador & Mum of two, Phoebe

Johnson's & Tresillian Limited Edition CottonTouch Swaddle

Add swaddling to your bed or bath time routine:


About Tresillian

Tresillian Nurses are expert in early childhood care. Get in touch with them for any questions or advice on breastfeeding and settling your baby, as well as dealing with post-natal depression

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