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Caring for Your Baby’s Skin

Your baby’s skin is different from adult skin — it needs extra special care. Learn why your baby’s skin is so important and how best to care for it.

About Baby’s Skin

<h2>About Baby’s Skin</h2> <p>Your baby’s skin is one of the best defences against irritants, toxins and infections. But in order to help protect your baby, it has to be healthy. </p>
Newborn Skin Conditions

<h2>Newborn Skin Conditions</h2> <p>If you notice something unusual about your newborn’s skin, don’t fret just yet. These common newborn skin conditions are generally harmless and will often go away on their own.</p>
Umbilical Cord Care

<h2>Umbilical Cord Care</h2> <p>Your baby’s umbilical cord will fall off about a week after you bring them home. Until then, be sure to keep it clean and dry.</p>
Your Baby’s Changing Skin

<h2>Your Baby’s Changing Skin</h2> <p>As your baby grows, they’ll explore more and make more of a mess, which means you’ll wash them more often. Make sure to keep their skin moisturised as it’s their first line of defence from the outside world.</p>
Baby’s Eyes, Ears, Nose & Nails

<h4>Baby’s Eyes, Ears, Nose & Nails</h4> <p>Just like a baby’s skin, your baby’s eyes, ears, nose and nails need extra special care.</p>

<h2>Baby Massage</h2> <p>Regularly massaging your baby helps you bond and provides a surprising amount of other healthy benefits. </p>
Baby Skin Sun Protection

<h2>Baby Skin Sun Protection</h2> <p>Bringing your baby outdoors is a great way to help them explore and grow — but their skin is extra sensitive to the sun’s UV rays.</p>
Caring for Your Toddler’s Teeth

<h4>Caring for Your Toddler’s Teeth</h4> <p>As your baby grows, so do their teeth! Get your toddler excited about dental care and start them on a healthy daily routine. </p>

<h3>Mums around the world look to JOHNSON’S® to care for their babies</h3> <p>We are committed to working with mums, healthcare experts and scientists to ensure our products continue achieving the highest JOHNSON’S® baby standards. </p>