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JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME™ baby sleep app

As your baby grows and becomes busier, it's important to make sure he's getting the rest he needs. Download our free JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME™ baby sleep app to see how you could help your little one (and you!) to start sleeping better .


Average Daily Chart

Track Your Baby'’s Sleep

Log your little one'’s daily sleep habits, including how long she sleeps and when she wakes. Share your baby’'s sleep log with your pediatrician on your next visit!

Sleep Score

Learn your Baby's Sleep Score

Answer questions based on 5 key factors to get your baby'’s sleep analysis score. Your score comes with recommendations from our sleep experts. Take it again as your little one grows!

Best room temperature for Baby

Have Your Sleep Questions Answered by Experts

Get advice from a Tresillian Nurse on sleep-related topics such as naptime, before bed, and night wakings. They are live to chat between 5-11pm AEST weekdays – (excluding public holidays).

Bedtime Guide

Tailor JOHNSON’'S® 3-Step Routine to Work Best for You

Watch this video on how to incorporate Johnson’s® 3-step Bedtime Routine, clinically proven to help your little one fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer*.

*Routine followed for one week. Clinical study on file.

Pick Sounds

Create Your Own Mix of Ambient Sounds

Help your little one drift off to sleep by adding our baby lullabies to a playlist or by creating your own mix of our ambient sounds. You can set a timer to automatically quiet your device, and there’'s also a dimmer for nighttime viewing.