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How We Calculate the up to 90%* naturally derived ingredients


One place we look to for guidance is ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. ISO provides a technical framework and criteria for natural cosmetic ingredients in one of its Standards.

Based on an average cumulative volume of ingredients (including water) in our baby washes, lotions and shampoos, up to 90% of the ingredients are naturally derived.

A few reasons why we have other ingredients

We use the following in our products for their specific benefits:

  • Preservatives are critical to prevent mold and bacteria from growing and harming your baby. The main reason we include preservatives in some of our products is to ensure their safety and shelf-life.
  • Citric acid and sodium hydroxide balance the pH levels of our products with the pH of your baby’s skin.
  • Skin conditioning agents help to soothe skin while hair conditioning and antistatic agents help prevent moisture loss and keep hair looking and feeling healthy.
  • Vitamins and antioxidants help prevent products from oxidizing and creating free radicals.
  • Fragrances help sensorial development and make bath time fun.
  • While there may be natural alternatives to some of our synthetic ingredients, each comes with a tradeoff.
  • For example, some plant-based ingredients like essential oils may have higher levels of allergens. Regardless of whether an ingredient is of natural origin or synthetic, we only use ingredients that have passed our strict safety assurance process and that are verified by independent experts.

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