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Mums' Midwife of the Year Award

We recognise the care and expertise that the midwives give to new mothers and babies. Midwives are expert in all aspects of normal pregnancy care. Midwives work in hospitals, the community or home based settings.
Midwives would have assisted you through out your pregnancy, birthing experience and during the first week of your baby's life. Your midwife has played one of the most significant roles in the birth of your baby and now here's your chance to say 'thank you' in a very special way.

The national winner and state territory winners will each receive a tablet that will be preloaded with midwifery educational and scientific content.

Please note that your information will be sent in e-mail format to Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Limited. This information is required in order for your nomination form to be validated and it may be used to identify and contact you and/or you nominated midwife.It will not be stored in a database and will only be shared with contracted communications agency partners for the purpose of administering this Award. By submitting the information in this e-mail message, you agree that the information you provide will be governed by the Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd Privacy Policy.

About you and your birth

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About yor midwife

Max 300 words
  • How did the midwife put you at ease and take time to reassure you? 
  • How did she/he make you feel involved and in control?
  • How professional and knowledgeable was she/he?
  • How did the midwife show she/he understood and listened to you?
  • If you have given birth more than once, what made your experience with your nominated midwife stand out compared to other births?
  • How did she/he encourage the bond between you and baby?

If you are having difficulty completing this form please contact the Johnson & Johnson Customer Care Centre:
Free call: 1800 029 979
On the Site, via: CONTACT US