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Nappy Care

Changing your baby’s nappy may be challenging at first, and you could end up with a bit of a mess on your hands! But over time, you may find it’s one of those little moments throughout the day that you cherish, another chance to bond with your baby.

Changing Your Baby’s Diaper

<h3>Changing Your Baby’s Nappy</h3> <p>As a new mum, one of the most important (and most frequent) daily rituals you’ll tackle is changing your baby’s nappy. This section will help you prepare for “nappy duty.” </p>
Diaper Rash Guide

<h3>Nappy Rash Guide</h3> <p>Almost every baby will suffer from nappy rash at some time. Fortunately, there are ways to treat and prevent nappy rash and help keep your baby dry and comfortable. </p>
Potty Training Tips

<h3>Potty Training Tips</h3> <p>Potty training is one of those milestones that marks your baby’s transition into toddlerhood. For first-time mums, this can be a little nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t have to be.</p>

<h3>Mums around the world look to JOHNSON’S® to care for their babies</h3> <p>We are committed to working with mums, healthcare experts and scientists to ensure our products continue achieving the highest JOHNSON’S® baby standards. </p>